Woman-Owned Brands in Washington State Cannabis

Oklahoma native Bethany Rondeaux and her husband Justin, an Olympic Peninsula native, are proud co-owners of Falcanna. This award winning cannabis brand is known for growing high quality, potent cannabis, with roots that started during the early days of medical cannabis here in Washington state. They package their products in 100% certified biodegradable packaging, and Falcanna is Clean Green Certified!

What stands out most about Falcanna? Not only is Bethany a master grower, but both she and Justin are also Master Falconers! Tucked within the great pines of the Olympic Peninsula, Falcanna is both a cannabis grow as well as a falcon breeding & rehabilitation center. They plan to continue expanding their amazing, state-of-the-art rehabilitation center for birds of prey: “Over the last several years, Falcanna has become a staple on retail shelves across Washington state. The amazing support received from customers and retailers alike has helped fulfill the long-held dream of rehabilitating and breeding falcons.”